Editing Styles Offered:

Chicago Business/Bluebook Other

We can edit according to nearly any house style. Contact us to discuss yours.

Our Editing Process:

At OneHourEdit, our editing process has been created to ensure that your document receives an organized and concise level of service, while ensuring that you receive your edited documents back within your specified time-frame. Our service is polished, professional, precise, and swift. If you’re looking to improve a business document, an essay, a proposal, or a manuscript, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how our four-step process works:

  • The First Pass – Your primary editor scans the document to get a feel for the tone and style and to assess the general English level, all the while making notes on what can be improved. Grammar, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, spelling, sentence structure and clarity are all reviewed. This premium proofreading service ensures accuracy and is central to our mission.
  • The Primary Edit – The document is then re-read thoroughly and edited so as to improve the English according to the client’s preferred style.
  • The Review – The document is then handed off to the second editor, who reviews the document in its finished form. This third set of eyes allows for an opportunity to catch any mistakes missed by the first editor and further improves the document.
  • Spelling & Grammar Check – Finally, we run a check for spelling, grammar and formatting, to ensure that the document meets all applicable standards. This is our final safeguard against any errors.

We’ll return the document to you in two forms, as outlined below. You may then review the document(s) and request further changes or any explanations about changes that were made.

The two forms:

We don’t simply send you the final file when finished. We’ll send you both a final file and a file with all of our edits outlined and highlighted so that you can see exactly what changes were made to your document, along with any applicable explanations. These two forms of document are named:

  • The “Edited” File – This will show you all of the changes that were made to your document, outlining any insertions or deletions. In addition, the editors may leave comments explaining why specific changes were made.
  • The “Finalized” File – This is the final, clean document, with all changes implemented seamlessly into the document. This will be ready for use.