Our Head Editor

Don M Frazier is the founder and head editor of the “OneHourEdit” academic editing and proofreading service. He is a fluent speaker of English and Japanese. With over a decade of experience in the editing and translation of academic articles, he has worked as a professional English educator teaching English to non-native speakers, and has worked with clients¬†such as Mitsubishi, Nissan motors, and the Hawaii Board of Tourism. He has extensive experience in editing and translation, and has worked on documents ranging from masters and PhD theses, to academic articles, journal articles, and technical reports for over 100 academics, educators, and professional organizations.

Our Mission

OneHourEdit accommodates any size of project, from PhD theses and academic dissertations to manuscripts and personal papers, and we only hire experts in editing or proofreading who have MAs or PhDs in related academic fields.

To begin, please visit our pricing page, where you can enter the word count for your document and receive an instant price quote. If you’re unsure of the word count, or your documents are scanned, please send them to us here¬†and we will count the number of words using our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. We also offer discounts for documents over 10,000 words. Please send us your document to receive your discounted quote.

Our sales department will also gladly answer any additional question you have. You may reach us via our Contact Form or give us a call at +1-773-701-6824.


Your documents are your personal and private property, and we understand that these documents sometimes contain personal or private information of a sensitive nature. During every stage of the proofreading process we are careful to safeguard your privacy.

To that end, from the moment your documents are sent, they will be seen only by our director and the editor(s) selected to work on them. All documents are kept on a secure computer, password-protected with multiple levels of encryption and security. Our office computers are protected by firewalls and the latest in security methods in order to ensure that unauthorized access to your documents will never occur.

In addition, once we have reviewed and returned your finalized documents, they are promptly deleted from our system. Due to this, once your documents are gone, they are gone. So, unless you have specifically requested that we keep a backup file on our system, we will be unable to resend the finalized documents once they have been delivered to you. Please understand that this is done for your protection.

It’s easy to make mistakes in the English language. Almost too easy. The most critical mistake a writer can make is not having a second (or third, or fourth!) set of eyes look over the document before having it finalized or published. This can detract from the quality and perceived professionalism of the work. OneHourEdit strives to find and correct these errors before they can affect your business, grades, or even your personal reputation. We find imperfections and errors that affect style, grammar, and punctuation, and will return a document (backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee) that will insure the utmost accuracy.